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How marketing ops can enable better CX (and why it matters)

The long-rumoured convergence of marketing and customer experience has actually already happened. New research from Salesforce finds that 80% of marketers worldwide are also in charge of CX for their organizations. So how can marketers infuse customer-first thinking into their campaigns? And how can marketing ops empower them to do it? Find out by watching this recent Knak Now live webinar event featuring Paul Wilson, VP of Marketing Operations at Slack, and Jay Baer, Marketing and CX Author and Expert. In this Knak Now webinar, you'll:

  • Hear from Paul Wilson, VP of Marketing Operations at Slack, about designing a tech stack that's always ahead of its time.
  • Get tips on customer-first thinking from Jay Baer, a digital marketing pioneer who has worked with more than 700 brands. He's a seventh-generation entrepreneur, author of six best-selling books on marketing and CX, and founder of five multi-million dollar companies.
  • See our CEO Pierce Ujjainwalla share a CX-driven campaign that inspires him.